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Complexity is a growing challenge for many businesses. The cost of complexity is often hidden, but almost always a drag on profitable growth.

Are you generating actionable insights, or just churning out reports? It may be comforting to generate regular reports, but is it helping you to improve your organisation’s performance?

Seventy percent of change efforts fail … really? I don’t know about you, but this number just doesn’t stack-up. Are more than two-thirds of your change efforts unsuccessful? 

Managers invest a huge amount of time and energy implementing change in their organisations. However, there is an increasing disconnect between the complexity of change that they are dealing with and the sophistication and effectiveness of the methodologies they are using.

What can you do to improve performance when you've already optimised your technology and streamlined your processes? 

How your attitude to change makes a profound difference on the outcome.

With ongoing market variability, innovative new business models and technology disruptors seemingly around every corner, creating a rock solid plan for anything more than a few months is near impossible.

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